Genoa Plant Engages Community at Street Fair

Genoa, Ohio - For the last two years in September, the community of Genoa, Ohio has put on the Genoa Street Fair with the Graymont Genoa Plant as an enthusiastic participating business.  Graymont set up a booth that entertained and educated the crowd with dramatic demonstrations of quicklime being slaked, and samples of the various products produced at the plant. With over 1000 people stopping by, you can tell that the Graymont booth was very popular!

Keith Hille, Plant Manager is always very enthusiastic when street fair time comes around:  “It’s always satisfying to be able to talk about Graymont to the members of our community. They seem to be genuinely interested in learning about our products and our operations. ”

The Genoa Plant strives to be active in the community and keep the townspeople informed about their activities, and with this philosophy have developed a brochure that helps explain the work done at Graymont and the importance of lime and limestone in everyone’s daily life.

Graymont takes a long term view of its business and the lime industry and is looking forward to continuing its work in Genoa, Ohio and in so doing, improving our environment, contributing to the community as a good neighbor and adding value as a responsible business partner.

Keith also had two other opportunities recently to promote Graymont and educate the Genoa community about the company and its history, operations, products and safety achievements. He was interviewed for both the local newspaper, the Metro Press and for the local Chamber of Commerce.  Congratulations to the Genoa Plant for generating such positive public exposure.