Pavement Base Courses

Base course, sub-base and other crushed and graded structural limestone materials are available for various pavement construction applications below ground. 

Where required, our products are manufactured to meet industry or local specifications. Surface or top courses are also available depending on the Graymont site and location of the works.

Excelsior Road Base AustraliaExcelsior Road Base Compaction Australia

In some cases, it may be more economic and prudent to treat the existing failed road base with lime rather than replace with premium materials. For stabilized base courses or subbase please see the relevant pages on Lime in Soil Stabilization for further information or please contact our sales team to enquire how Graymont can assist you with your project.


Le saviez-vous ?

There are three distinct types of limestone, defined by their magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) concentrations. These types are Dolomitic (35 to 46% MgCO3), Magnesian (5 to 35% MgCO3) and High calcium (less than 5% MgCO3).