Enhanced Hydrate

Graymont Enhanced Hydrate is a highly reactive and efficient hydrated lime with physical characteristics that elevate the user's ability to profile and remove targeted pollutants.

Enhanced Hydrate

Our patented enhanced hydrate product provides users with a number of benefits for the removal of pollutants when treating flue gas including the following:

Physical characteristics - Enhanced hydrate offers improved physical characteristics allowing for better delivery, quicker dispersion and higher recovery of pollutants. In FGT applications these characteristics provide injection location flexibility, making your ideal solution simple, certain and smart.

Efficiency and flexibility - Optimal fuel and operational flexibility are critical. Enhanced hydrate improves reagent efficiency in meeting emissions targets. Other positive benefits include efficiency in freight cost, storage requirements, and process flexibility. As a function of product quality and performance, users observe improvements such as lowering injection rates and elevated reactivity leading to a cost-effective solution.

Safety and Stability - Graymont’s enhanced hydrate reacts with pollutants to create a calcium-enriched, chemically stable ash or kiln dust co-product ready for beneficial reuse or long-term storage. Lower injection rates result in less co-product material generation.

Enhanced hydrate can also be utilized in other applications such as cleaning boiler gases and removing pollutants through sorbent injection systems and duct work. 

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Enhanced hydrate is currently available from our Pleasant Gap facility in Pennsylvania and is broadly distributed across many other states in North America.

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Did you know?

After processing, products derived from limestone can eventually revert to their original chemical form by reacting with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or from industrial processes.