Dolomitic Quicklime

Dolomitic quicklime is lime made from high-quality deposits of dolomitic limestone; limestone containing 40% to 44% magnesium carbonate (MgCO3).


Dolomitic quicklime (MgO·CaO) commonly known as dolime is a widely used chemical compound. It is a white, caustic and alkaline crystalline solid. As a commercial product, dolomitic quicklime often contains small amounts of silicon dioxide and trace amounts of aluminum and iron oxides.

The primary chemical reaction involved in dolomitic lime manufacture is as shown below:

CaMg(CO3)2 + HEAT = CaO•MgO + 2 CO2

Dolomitic quicklime products have many applications, including use as a flux and slag conditioner in steelmaking, in environmental applications, and wastewater treatment. Graymont has dolomitic quicklime available in all the market regions it serves.

Did you know?

After processing, products derived from limestone can eventually revert to their original chemical form by reacting with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or from industrial processes.