Base Grades - Road Base

Selected Graymont sites manufacture a variety of road base materials that are graded and consist of various size ranges from coarse to fine fractions. Some products are made to meet locally specified requirements and others are supplied as general-purpose materials.

Asphalt Pavement


North America

Please contact our sales team for further information on base material capability and availability.


Graymont’s Calliope (QLD) and Attunga (NSW) sites can manufacture road base to meet certain Main Roads Specifications (MRTS05 07-22, Pages 1 to 46) and NSW 3051. Further information is available upon request. 

Type 2.1, 2.3 and 2.5 Dry (or pugged) road base material is used predominately as a base material in road and pavement construction. Due to Graymont's crushing process and attention to meeting specifications, our products are known for their consistent physical characteristics and workability.

Densely Graded Basecourses (DGB) with a typical nominal top size of 20mm are available from our Attunga (NSW)site.

New Zealand

Graymont sites manufacture a variety of base course products including Graded All Passing (GAP)and All Passing materials(AP).

Please contact our sales team to enquire about base grade or road base sizing and availability.

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