Environmental Care

While proud of the fact that Graymont products are a big part of the solution in terms of addressing many of today’s environmental challenges, we recognize the inevitable impact on the environment resulting from Graymont’s own quarrying and production activities.


The Company’s strategy with respect to environmental care focuses primarily on three key areas that form the environmental pillars of the Graymont HSE Management System: air emissions, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Air emissions result largely from the combustion process utilized in Graymont’s lime kilns, as well as from uncontained “fugitive dust” that becomes airborne. A primary thrust here is to invest in fuel-efficient technologies for new or retrofitted production facilities, while working with best management practices and abatement technologies to prevent dust emissions.

The calcination of limestone to produce quick lime is an energy-intensive process. Improved energy efficiency translates into reduced levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Responsible use of resources enables Graymont to extend the life of those resources and further reduce the Company’s impact on the environment.