The Graymont aggregate product range is broad and may vary from site to site. Aggregate products are materials that are crushed and graded to suit local requirements.


Please note that the source properties of the aggregates may vary depending on the local geology and characteristics of the raw stone employed. Please contact the sales team to obtain details regarding product range, source properties, availability and performance of the stone products we can supply. Colour may also vary between out sites across the regions.

For information regarding specialized aggregates, please refer to the brief descriptions below or the specific web pages provided. For information regarding finer aggregates or products please refer to the Pulverized Limestone section of our website.

Some specialized aggregate products we have available include:


  • Stemming Stone - Graymont can supply crushed and sized stone suitable for stemming purposes from our range of aggregates manufactured at our various sites. Please contact our sales team to enquire about product suitability and availability.
  • Limestone Concrete Aggregates - Calcium rich aggregates are increasingly being utilized in pipe mixes to improve acid corrosion resistance and in some cases as a sacrificial layer for sewage pipes. Please enquire with the sales team to discuss product suitability and availability.

New Zealand

  • Drainage Stone -Drainage products are available from a number of Graymont sites and come in various sizes.
  • Thermally Rated Chip - Our thermally rated chip has been tested to meet relevant standards for use as a high voltage cable bedding material.
  • Landscaping Products - Certain sites manufacture products for landscaping, paving and wall construction.  Due to safety considerations, stone products are not available for pickup by the public directly from our sites. They are available from many landscaping supplies retailers or via stone masons or contractors. Please contact our sales team to find a stockist in your area.

For further information please contact our sales team.



Did you know?

Limestone, the most important and abundant sedimentary rock in the world, is formed by the compaction of the remains of coral animals and plants on the bottoms of oceans.