Graymont Plattsburgh Quarry "Kid's Days"

Plattsburgh – Graymont's Plattsburgh Quarry in New York, held it's annual "Kid's Days". The program is a two full-day event that includes multiple tours of the quarry and presentations given by Graymont employees and other officials. Ninety students from the Oak Street Elementary school witnessed a large section of limestone on the far side of the quarry brought down by a series of 10 charges. They also saw the control room of a rock crusher, and were able to view and handle various samples in the Plattsburgh Quarry laboratory. The students learned about stone and its various uses, safety, and the environment.

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Graymont takes a long term view of its business and the lime industry and is looking forward to continuing its work in Plattsburgh and in so doing, improving our environment, contributing to the community as a good neighbor and adding value as a responsible business partner.