Graymont moving forward with new limestone operation in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Newberry, Michigan — Graymont, one of North America’s leading lime and limestone producers, confirmed today that, subject to regulatory approvals, it intends to move forward with a new limestone operation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Subject to required regulatory approvals, Graymont intends to resume quarry operations at the previously mined Hendricks Quarry site in Garfield Township. Limestone from the quarry will be hauled by truck to the Sand Products Dock on Lake Michigan.

This initial phase of the project is expected to create up to 50 direct jobs in local mining and transportation operations, plus up to 100 indirect jobs in the region. The Company expects to start shipping stone in 2015.

Graymont began the ‘Rexton Project’ with an application to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (“MDNR”) in November, 2013 for the purchase of State land. Following the application, Graymont engaged in extensive consultations with stakeholders interested in the land purchase.

“We are already a member of the Upper Peninsula business community with our Port Inland plant, near Gulliver, and we are looking forward to expanding our Michigan operations, thereby creating new jobs and generating additional economic spinoffs in the region,” stated Graymont CEO Stéphane Godin. “Area residents can rest assured that, having heard their concerns, we are committed to safeguarding the precious natural resources entrusted to our care by minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations, through strict adherence to best practices in crucial areas like responsible forest management, the preservation of ground-water quality and post-mining reclamation” Godin added. “Our vision is to be world class in everything we do.”

Paul Stoll Jr., Graymont Plant Manager at Port Inland and in charge of the Rexton Project, noted that the local population will continue to enjoy access to the Hendricks site for recreational purposes such as snowmobiling, hunting and fishing. He said the Company also is exploring opportunities to provide support for local community projects, in keeping with its commitment to be a good neighbor and responsible corporate citizen everywhere it operates. Graymont intends to retain qualified local companies to handle forest-management operations on the quarry property and will endeavor to utilize area businesses for the procurement of other goods and services wherever possible.

Consultation with a broad spectrum of stakeholders is an integral part of Graymont’s approach to project planning and management. Going forward, the Company will continue to keep local residents informed of its plans and invite their input. In addition, a project information office is scheduled to open June 25, 2014, in Rexton.

Graymont is North America’s second largest supplier of lime and lime-based products with facilities across the United States and Canada, and has a significant investment in Grupo Calidra, the largest lime producer in Mexico.

For further information, contact:

Paul Stoll, Jr., Plant Manager, Port Inland
T +1 906 283-2900 x 1486


John Maitland, HSE Manager, Eastern US and Great Lakes Region
T +1 814 353-2106