Graymont Announces The Idling Of Its Lime Production Kilns In Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay, Wisconsin, April 4th, 2017 – Faced with continuing soft market conditions that have impacted the entire North American lime industry, Graymont announced today that it will idle the lime kiln operations at its Green Bay facility in Wisconsin, effective June 1st, 2017.

The Great Lakes market will continue to be fully supplied by other lime plants in the Company’s network while the Green Bay facility will be converted into a bulk hydrate and terminal operation.

The idling of the Green Bay plant lime kilns will, unfortunately, result in the lay-off of the majority of the twenty-nine employees at the plant, with approximately half a dozen employees remaining to operate the restructured operation. The kilns will remain idled until market conditions improve.

Green Bay is not the only Graymont facility to have been impacted by the downturn. Last year, the Company announced the restructuring of the Tacoma plant in the State of Washington and the indefinite idling of the Pavilion plant in British Columbia.

Graymont remains committed to reliably serve its customers in the Great Lakes region, in line with our objective to be the supplier and partner of choice in the lime and limestone industry.

An emerging global leader in the supply of lime and limestone products, Graymont has a significant presence in the Great Lakes region. It serves major markets throughout the United States and Canada, and has extended its reach into the Asia-Pacific region. Graymont also has a significant investment in Grupo Calidra, the largest lime producer in Mexico.


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