Cricket Mountain

Graymont's Cricket Mountain Plant, situated near Delta, Utah, ranks among the largest, most modern and efficient lime plants in the Western United States. High quality limestone and dolomite are quarried in the Cricket Mountains, approximately six and one-half miles west of the plant. The perfect confluence of ore body, rail spur, and highway access enables Cricket Mountain to effectively compete in both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Limestone is crushed and sized at the quarry and delivered by truck to the plant where five modern coal-fired kilns produce a wide variety of lime products, including bulk high-calcium and dolomitic quicklime, as well as crushed and pulverized limestone. The plant also has blending facilities capable of producing precise blends for a number of specific applications, including use by the steel industry. Storage and shipping facilities at Cricket Mountain are designed to provide a reliable source of supply to both truck and rail-serviced customers.

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Cricket Mountain
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