Safety Challenge


The Graymont Safety Challenge is representative of a fresh new approach to safety training, centred on a dynamic, interactive learning environment designed to help Health and Safety teams combat complacency and optimize employee buy-in to create a more robust safety culture.

The Safety Challenge employs a novel and highly-engaging game-show format where workers are empowered stewards of their safety performance. Employees at a given site are divided into multi-disciplinary teams and challenged to show which side can demonstrate the best knowledge and understanding of the company’s safety standards and culture over the course of the one-day exercise. This friendly peer-led competition, focused on collaborative goal-setting, has proven to be a very effective tool, enabling employees to complete crucial training while fostering camaraderie and teamwork.

Another key attribute of the Safety Challenge is that it is relatively simple to organize and implement. It essentially involves four steps: plan, play, learn and celebrate. To get a better feel for how the Safety Challenge works – and the degree of enthusiasm generated among participants – we invite you to watch this short video: 


To help facilitate further improvement in the industry’s safety performance, Graymont is prepared to share the workings of its Safety Challenge with other industries who feel they might benefit from similar initiatives. The Safety Challenge Tool Kit is a comprehensive source of background information, instructions, tools and tips designed to assist you in planning and implementing a successful Safety Challenge program. You can also download the Safety Challenge logo to use for your event.

Note: Graymont Safety Challenge trademark registration pending