Calcaire dolomitique

Graymont extracts high-quality dolomitic limestone in several areas where it operates. That's why we can produce chemical-grade dolomitic limestone that meets multiple industrial and agricultural specifications. Dolomitic limestone is used by glass manufacturers, among others.

Dolomitic limestone fines

Graymont mills leverage their state-of-the-art sieving capabilities to produce a wide range of dolomitic limestone-related products in a variety of particle sizes.


We produce dolomitic limestone at some of our North American plants, including Eden, Faulkner and Cricket Mountain. Glass grade dolomitic limestone is available at our factory in Tantananola Australia. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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On compte trois types distincts de calcaire, qui sont définis en fonction de leur concentration en carbonate de magnésium (MgCO3). Ces types sont dolomitique (35 à 46% MgCO3), magnésien (5 à 35% MgCO3) et calcique (moins de 5% MgCO3).