Trained First Aid Employee at Joliette Plant - Saves a Life

Roland Charest, a production employee who has worked at the Graymont Joliette plant for the past 21 years, was asked by Graymont in 2004 to take a First Aid course.  Little did he know that this training would help him save a man’s life.

This past March, during a Joliette community meeting, a fellow attendee collapsed from a heart attack.  In his own words Charest describes his response “with the adrenaline rushing and the knowledge that urgent action was needed, everything I learned only a few years before came back to me.”  After calling 911 and designating a few others on how they could help, Charest performed CPR three times until the paramedics arrived.

Charest hopes that his story inspires others in the company to take a First Aid course, as Charest says “I now know that anyone can be called to take action in situations like this, they can happen anywhere and to anyone.”

Graymont congratulates Roland on this achievement and thanks him for being an inspiration to others.

Graymont takes a long term view of its business and the lime industry and is looking forward to continuing its work in Joliette and in so doing, improving our environment, contributing to the community as a good neighbor and adding value as a responsible business partner.