Pilot Peak

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Pilot Peak
P.O. Box 2520
Pilot Peak, NV  89883
United States
Plant phone
1 775 483-5463
Plant fax
1 801 262-3942

Graymont's Pilot Peak plant is one of the most modern and efficient lime plants in North America. The stone is quarried immediately adjacent to the plant, crushed to size and conveyed directly to the preheater kilns.

The raw material is processed in a modern, fully computerized plant which is controlled by the latest quality assurance technologies. These technologies allow us to provide our customers with a reliable supply of the highest quality lime available. A full range of sized bulk quicklime products is available. The plant is equipped with a hydrator capable of producing 300 tons of hydrated lime per day. Storage and shipping facilities are available for truck and rail delivery to customers.

Graymont’s Pilot Peak lime plant is located near the Nevada gold producers.

Aerial View of Pilot Peak plant