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21880 West, State Route 163 P.O. Box 158
Genoa, OH  43430
United States
Plant phone
1 419 855-8336
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1 800 537-4489, ext. 8656

The Genoa plant is located in Genoa, Ohio, where a heavy strata of pure Niagara Dolomite lies close to the surface of the ground. The quality of the Genoa deposit makes it one of the select areas of the world for the production of lime for plastering applications due to its high chemical purity, excellent water retention and white color.

The Genoa plant produces quicklime and hydrated lime for a wide variety of markets throughout the eastern United States and Canada. The company's product lines are characterized by strong brand names, including Ivory® Finishing Lime, Bondcrete® Mason's and Stucco Lime, Super® Limoid Mason's Lime, Kemidol® industrial products and Niagara® Lime Putty. Graymont dolime's specialty product focus requires excellent customer support for both construction and industrial applications.

The Genoa plant is one of the largest dolomitic lime hydration facilities in the United States. The current plant consists of limestone rock processing, calcining, hydration, blending and packaging departments. Three rotary kilns burn sized limestone rock to produce dolomitic quicklime products with excellent reactivity. This quicklime is used either as an industrial product or as a raw material for the hydration processes. The hydration plant consists of two hydrators that operate under atmospheric pressure and three autoclave processes. Atmospheric hydration produces Type N hydrated lime products for use in industrial and agricultural applications. Hydration under high pressure in the autoclaves produces unique Type S hydrated lime for building and industrial applications. The blending department produces packaged blends of cement and lime for masonry and other applications. Two automatic packaging lines fill and palletize 10, 25 and 50 lb. bags for customer delivery.