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Quality Lime & Stone Based Products that Improve Your World
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For Sales Information, please contact:
Western Canada
1 403 250 9100
Eastern Canada
1 450 449 2262
Eastern United States
1 814 355 4761
Western United States
1 801 262 3942

Technical Information:
PDF DocumentMSDS - Granulime (168K)
PDF DocumentMSDS - High Calcium Limestone (170K)

Graymont’s new Pulverized Limestone facility produces a wide range of sized material.

Pulverized Limestone Products

Pulverized Limestone Products can be defined as those products which are made by grinding and screening industrial grade limestone and dolomite.

These products are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Rock Dust - used to suppress coal dust explosions in the coal industry.

  • Agricultural - used to neutralize soil acidity, increase plant nutrients, increase organic matter, increase soil organisms, and increase trace elements.

  • Exhaust Gas Scrubbers - used in industrial and power plants.

  • Scrubber Reagent - used in circulating fluidized bed boilers as a reagent material for sulfur removal.

  • Roofing Materials - used as a filler in asphalt shingles.

  • Drilling Mud Additives - used as an essential component in drilling mud.

  • Glass Stone - used as a primary ingredient in the glass making process.

  • Feed Supplements - used to provide essential minerals for the animal feed industry.