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Quality Lime & Stone Based Products that Improve Our World
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Improving our World by Responsibly Meeting Society’s Needs for Quality Lime and Stone Products

As North America’s second largest supplier of lime and limestone products, Graymont is ideally positioned to meet the increasing demand for crucial environmental applications such as water and waste treatment and flue-gas removal, as well as from vital traditional markets like the steel, paper-making and construction industries.

Graymont prides itself on producing the highest quality products — derived entirely from naturally occurring stone — and backed back by unparalleled customer service. We are striving to attain a similar level of world-class performance in all aspects of our operations, particularly the crucial areas of health and safety and environmental stewardship. Achieving industry leadership in sustainability also entails building meaningful relationships with communities and other key stakeholders.

A family-owned and community-oriented Company, with legacy assets that have been operating for well over a century in some instances, Graymont takes a long-term approach to business that is reflected in our mission, vision and shared values — and in our unwavering resolve to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.